New Beginnings..


I have always had a trouble with initiation. Because it required work. As in energy, courage and enthusiasm. Which I sometimes don’t not lack. I can very well write and finish off with a “Hey I have a new website and follow me and this has been my passion and da da da” and maybe leave it at that but that is not why I ought to be here.

So I have always wanted a website of my own like any kid of the 90s. As corny as it may sound, I always liked the ring of a “dot com” to the end of my name. But as in wine and humans, I became more tasteful (I’d like to believe) and gnawed through my brains in my bygone years for a name I’d always truly believe in, something that represented the innate bond between my pen and my brain.

It’s reckless. It’s haphazard. It’s careless. It’s free. It cannot be held back. And that is how all of our thoughts are. It’s wanton. Not necessarily harmful, not necessarily good. Yet somehow we are all not vile. We are all not saints. And that is the beauty of humanity. And that is the principle on which love should be meditated.

So celebrating the recklessness’ in us.. Let live and live (yes it has changed with times).. Here’s to Wanton Ink ๐Ÿ™‚






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