The Wedding

Tonight she made an early arrival

Into the sky of a barely today.

For celebrating up above is

The grand procession of 

Giving a dear daughter away.

The Sun,

her father

Made his court dance in

Resplendant robes of

Golds and ivory plumes,

Ebbing, and flowing, and  joyously moving 

Towards the lovely bride of a moon!

She was veiled by one of their own,


Was not in so much gloom, not in so much bliss.

She held her breath

Hard and high,

As she shroud

The face of her sister moon,

And in her bosom she felt 

The weight of the heart,

Of a nebula that was cursed to

Never explode,

When she was nothing but fathomed by darkness.

She once loved the man in his Night,

Dark, luminous and calamitous.

Every dark line in his iris

A playground for her million

Lovelorn games.

Undeclared kisses,

Destined to be wayward children

Of a wanton romance.

She wept and wrung her heart inside,

To bring a tear of redemption 

Into her eyes.

For the bride’s beauty tonight

Blushed the other woman’s

And every body’s sky

Into an eternal consent 

That never should be tried.

Veiled tonight though

By a doomed lover,

Will she someday 

Be swallowed by her man?




I drank tonight

A chalice full of old love,

Wine as dark as the nights

We wallowed in,

Words taking over kisses and caresses

Tender breaths taking over whispers,

Miles away, seas away

When the unspoken was only heard

By the signals in the universe,

And the love tried to seep through

Screens of white bright


I begged you

To never utter a word

That would end in an

Unfathomable depth of despair

For an eternity

And more.


And here we are

Years later, aeons ahead

Of our times and lives.

We shared yet another

Sigh of a wish,

And remembered Annabel Lee together.


My old friend, my very old friend


How would the earth spin?-

If we shared a poisoned kiss together

All night long!