Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree

Heartless Heaves

Headless bangs

Muscle and bones

Tightly wound together.

Soldier comrades in this battlefield

You and I.



You shouldn’t fall,

I shouldn’t slip.


Like a unit we grew.

An age old banyan tree.

Roots up above,

Like giant exposed nerves.

Holiest shade of all, testament to time.


Frail I am,

Fragile you are,

Tears- shed and those not,

Smear the I in the me.

Laminating us into

A cocoon,

A stillborn in vivo.


My respite are my words,

Your respite is my bosom,

Thin arms holding a strong strong heart.

I thought I knew you

Nine months ahead of any,

The audacity I chose

A grand jest for many.


I watch you slip into slumber

Outside my womb,

This time.

Where I wish I held you forever,

The dark dungeons in me.

My swollen feet carried us miles

While you hibernated inside me, dear child.

All alone, but never lonely,

Fears everywhere, but never scary.


We will chart a map to sail together

and draw

Our own blueprint of hope.

For you to see the world,

Mine, being the awe in your eyes

As the sun sets for a new dawn.


You are the only one

After all,

Who knows the voice of my heart

From inside.



For my autistic wonder boy-  Accept. Understand.Love.

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