I have always held a lifelong love for flowers and an, if not earlier, but an equal love for poetry.

I have not been upto much as far as my blog is concerned, and I am guilty as charged for not maintaining one regularly, despite paying for my own site.

Life can get monotonous, as we all know, and we all need something exciting to keep us from drowning in this vast ocean.

Truth be told, I am tired of social media, where nothing but rat race and fallacy happens. The sole happiness I get these days is, when I get out into my garden, when the sun decides to bless and shine, breathe in the breeze wafting from the woods, and observe the wildlife in my garden. Every year, I have different wildflowers growing in my garden. This year I was in for a pleasant surprise, when there were bright orange California poppies cheering at me amidst all the lush green.

Nature coupled with words is nothing short of bliss for me. Therefore, I have decided to make my blog all about flowers and poetry, if not mine, somebody’s with due credits. So if you love flowers, and nature photography generally, then welcome aboard to my abode. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will! 🙂

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