Recently, an image uploaded by NASA Hubble’s Instagram page (picture included), inspired me a lot to write a few verses about Supernova, and the delectable idea of comparing these violently exploding stars to illuminaries who burn and fizzle out due to the incredibility of their astounding ingenuity only to borderline into collapsible madness, spurred my imagination to write a few humble verses on this analogy.

Hope you like it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Love and more,


Secret Temples for Unacceptable Gods



Glitters, glazes and lights of

A paralysed mind and fingers to scribble

Over thoughts of the winds

wafting away and away

Miles and  miles

Chemical peace

Salt water burns

To numb of clocks ticking

For long into

Permanency ephemeral

Bile in the gut

That tastes of iron in the mouth

Iron to encase the heart

Yes the shield

It creeps through the veins

Of the inimical thoughts

Desperate to sleep

Tired, eyes wide shut

Of grief

Of grief

Of grief

That was uninvited

Unwelcomed , you Kafka’s bug

If you were sublime

I’d sleep with you

In a liplock forever

But she spread her veils

And dug her claws

Into my own

with love and more

on her red wine lips

And I drank to thee

Some venom it was

Venom I collected from the snake in my


And the goblets , those goblets

They held brine and sweat

Of centuries of fate

Into oblivion we, I passed

Into glory of solitary

A single piece of peace,

I ebbed , I ebbed

Of what I held to

And swam the waves of giant deluges

sometimes to be let carried into their

Little deep trenches

Beneath , dark and endless.

Soul flying in soulless.

Ruins of the

Gardens of our hearts.